Is it all about the Benjamins?

Updated: Sep 23

Ok, before you judge me for what I am about to ask, please read through this entire post before deciding; I'm a complete nut job. Deep breath…ok, here goes. As a small business owner, is money the sole purpose for your business? In other words, is money your only desired outcome?

Don't get me wrong; I like money. As a matter of fact, I'm learning to develop a relationship with money that is much healthier than it used to be, but it's not my only purpose in life or business. Here are just a few of the reasons why I went into business for myself:


This term gets thrown around a lot in the entrepreneurial world, but it has a fluid meaning. For me, it's about setting my schedule. As someone who works in the creative field, I can't turn my creativity on and off like a tap. Sometimes it hits in the middle of the night. Having the flexibility to work my hours allows me to cultivate my artistic spark instead of constantly working to keep the flame lit.


I'm genuinely humbled each time I see a client excited about potential growth or when they experience it firsthand. When I see a client's face light up, it fills my cup! I love to see small business owners who are passionate about what they do and share it with the world! When they shine, I feel I glow a bit brighter too!

Giving Back

Yes, I gave back when I was employed, but it's completely different when you give back as a business. When a non-profit comes to me with a project, I choose to either charge the client or offer my services at no cost or for a tax receipt. Regardless of which option I choose, I truly feel content and happy with my decision. Giving back is yet another way my cup gets filled, and being a small business owner gives me this flexibility.


I treasure building new relationships and nurturing my existing ones. When I meet a client for the first time, I'm not only here to learn about their business; I'm here to learn about the individual and see if their goals and dreams align with mine. If they do, and we have a spark, I know it's a partnership I want to become part of.

So, now that you know where I stand on money, can you see why it's not a top priority for me? For me, being a business owner is so much more than just chasing the mighty dollar. It's about building a community!

Good Vibes!

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